Mastering the Art of Tattooing


The art of tattooing is one of the earliest art forms known to mankind. Tattooing has been a form of personal expression and body ornamentation since prehistoric times. Both tribal cultures and highly developed civilizations like ancient Rome and Egypt used tattooing as an art form. In every century and in countries all over the world, people have felt a strong desire to adorn their bodies with meaningful symbols and beautiful designs.

Today's tattooists must learn how to use equipment, including tattoo machines, needles and ink. They also must become familiar with modern sanitary procedures for tattooing.

Mastering this knowledge will make someone a proficient tattooist, but becoming a tattoo artist requires another level of skill. A successful tattoo artist must have a good understanding of basic artistic concepts like proportion, perspective and the use of color. The ability to draw well is another important skill for a tattoo artist. Much of this comes naturally to people who are born with artistic talent, but that does not mean that a dedicated tattooist can not learn and develop artistic skills. With time and practice, you can master the art of tattooing

Color Theory for the Art of Tattooing
The color of a tattoo is one of the first things that gets noticed. The use of color can make all the difference in the success or failure of a tattoo design. Gaining an understanding of how colors work together is an important step in mastering the art of tattooing. If you've never been exposed to color theory, enrolling in an art class at a community college is a great way to get started. You'll learn how the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) can be mixed to form all other colors, and how a color wheel shows which colors work well together.

Use of Contrast in Tattoos
One of the most important aspects of color in the art of tattooing is the use of contrast. Color contrast is what gives a tattoo design depth. The contrast can be in the amount of lightness and darkness (such as the contrast between white and black) or it can be in the colors themselves (such as the contrast between warm colors like yellow and orange and cool colors like blue and green). Contrast in colors will make one shape stand out from another or make a shape stand out from its background.

Composition and the Art of Tattooing
Composition refers to the flow of the design elements in a tattoo and how well they fit on the body part where they're tattooed. A client may come to a tattoo artist with a fixed idea about the design and placement of a tattoo. A good tattoo artist will know if the proportion of the design will work in the desired location. If it will not work, the tattoo artist must be ready to offer some alternative ideas. This may mean changing the scale of a design with a photocopier machine or cutting and pasting elements of one or more designs to create something new. Talented tattoo artist A understands That the most Successful tattoo designs mimic the flow of the BODY part where they 're 're applied.

Perspective and Depth in Tattoos
Applying the artistic theories of perspective and depth is what gives a tattoo a 3-dimensional quality. In tattooing, perspective and depth are achieved through the use of contrast, outline and shading. Being able to create the illusion of reality with depth and perspective is what sets a tattoo artist apart from a tattooist. These techniques can be learned in an art course or from an art book and practiced with pencil and paper. Unless you're a natural born artist, practice and experience are the only way to master these techniques.

Besides taking art courses and practicing, a beginner tattooist should spend time studying tattoo magazines and becoming familiar with the work of established tattoo artists. Tattoo magazines are an important resource for beginning tattooists. They showcase the finest designs that the world of tattooing has to offer. By reading tattoo magazines, aspiring tattoo artists can learn about the leading tattoo artists, become inspired, decide who they want to emulate and begin to create their own style.


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Fiji Gay Bars


There are many reasons to visit Fiji there are the beaches, snorkeling and other things to do and when it is time for entertainment there are the Fiji gay bars that have live entertainment.

One of these is the Dive Kadavu Beach Resort, which has a lounge and bar with a full menu of drinks for relaxing at the end of the day. There is also Lucky Eddie's, which is located at 217 Victorian Parade and is a stylish bar that also attracts the local Fijian women. The bar is open late and has live entertainment.

While these are only two of the many bars on the island they are the most popular of Fiji's gay bars. There are other bars on the island that hold attraction for visitors and locals, such as the Piano Bar that is located at the Holiday Inn Suva. The Piano Bar features jazz singers along with a comfortable setting. There is the Rooftop Garden Bar that is located at the Town House Motel and provides a happy hour for their patrons. The Signals Night Club has live weekend entertainment and is located at 255 Victoria Parade.

There is the Bad Dog Café located on MacArthur Street that has a trendy wine bar with margaritas, sangria and imported beer. They also offer a Mexican menu and patrons are permitted to bring their own bottle. O'Reilly's Pub is a relaxed bar with a large screen for sports and while it is not a Fiji gay bar; it does offer an exciting evening of sports.


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Top Old School Tattoo Designs For Real Manly Men Only


When someone thinks of an old school tattoo they usually conjure up images of a tattoo heart with a banner saying "Mom" going through it. However, there are a ton of really great old school tattoo designs. At one point in history these tattoo designs were relegated to the ruff and tumble guys. People like Bikers and sailors often were the main ones getting tattoos. During this time in history women did not get very many tattoos because it was not as socially acceptable.

However, the sailors and bikers were getting large forearm tattoo designs. If you have a grandfather or an uncle that was a sailor or in the military chances are he probably has a forearm tattoo. Well, like anything fashion cycles and things that once went out of fashion come back into fashion. This is so with old school tattoos. Recently due tot he major growth in the tattoo industry there has been a real rebirth of old school tattoos.

These designs have been combined with the new color inks readily available to make for some really hot looking designs. If you are thinking about getting such a design here are some places to start looking. It is not that you have to completely just copy of the older designs or styles. You can take the ideas and modify it for a modern application and a wonderful design that hearkens back an pays respect to those hardy men.

Sailor Jerry Tattoo Designs

Sailor Jerry is probably one of the most famous of the old school tattoo artists. There is a lot of history on the internet that can be found about Sailor Jerry. Essentially, he did his work from a small tattoo shop in Hawaii where Sailors were frequently stationed. He did a ton of really unique and original designs that people have really fallen in love with. You can find many of his designs on the internet these days as their has been a real renaissance of old school designs.


Another very popular theme among these designs is gambling. If you think about it one of the main vices that sailors and other ruffians had available to them at the time was gambling. Of course gambling was illegal a the time but this did not stop a ton of guys from getting cards, and dice as part of their tattoos.

Pin Up Girls

Of course if you were a sailor out at sea for long periods of time a pin up girl tattoo might be just the thing. Many of the guys back in the day got pinup girl tattoos. These have stuck around and always been popular however recently men and women are getting pinup girl designs. The truly sexy designs are often very eye catching.

Sailing Anchors and Ship

if you are a sailor then of course getting a ship or a anchor is a great tattoo idea. Many of the sailors would get big elaborators ship designs on their chest but also on their forearms. These might be of a ship they were stationed on or a pirate ship with a huge set of sails.

There are of course other designs out there such as the swallow, nautical stars and other such old school designs. So if you are looking for a tough manly tattoo design or just something that pays homage and respect to the history of tattooing then do a bit of research and choose a great looking old school tattoo design.


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Jack Benny on Old Time Radio


One of the most celebrated comedians of old time radio was Benjamin Kubelsky, aka "Jack Benny." This Waukegan, Illinois native played several iconic roles in the colorful world of the entertainment industry. While his acting roots were born from his days on Vaudeville, his quick wit and rapier-like humor immediately earned him a place in Hollywood.

Benny's rise to stardom began in 1932, where he got his first big break with a guest appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Network executives noticed his natural talent for radio hosting and he soon landed jobs to star in his own programs.

The most famous among his old radio shows was "The Jack Benny Show" which aired on CBS from the years 1950-1964. This notorious old radio sitcom was widely popular as Benny willingly made a mockery of himself. Benny portrayed a vain and pompous TV star named "Jack Benny" and the show revolved around his interactions with a motley cast and crew of unconventional characters.

In this popular comedy series, Benny delivered some of his finest works as his sharp and sometimes acerbic humor delivered night after night of entertainment to his fans. His flawless delivery of cutting lines and deadpan remarks truly made him one of the greatest comedians of the era.

It was during the program's airing that he met and married his wife, Sadye (Sadie) Marks who played several different roles throughout the series' lifetime. Her character would vary slightly from episode to episode. While the part she took was initially that of a supposed 'fan,' her acting skills inspired Benny's writers to create a more permanent place for her on the program. Thus the persona of Mary Livingstone, Jack's cheeky secretary was born.

What perhaps made "The Jack Benny Show" unique were the different humorous situations Benny constantly found himself in. This coupled with the refreshing and interesting guests who that were featured in the series made for a spectacular show. On an interview with Newsweek in 1947, he went on record to say, "Where would I be today without my writers, without Rochester, Dennis Day, Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, and Don Wilson?" The colorful mainstays of this old radio show were the perfect foil to both balance and showcase Jack's amazing panache for comedic farce.

Jack Benny's flair for entertainment transcended the realm of old time radio. His long running radio program "The Jack Benny Show" was adapted into a television series where he made a seemingly effortless transition from one media form to another. He also made a name for himself on the big screen with movies like "The Big Broadcast," and even gave an absolutely riveting performance on "To Be or Not to Be."

However, it was later revealed in his memoirs that his passion and first love was old time radio and went so far as to say, "By my second year in television, I saw that the camera was a man-eating monster. It gave a performer a close-up exposure that, week after week, threatened his existence as an interesting entertainer. "


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Four Tattoo Tips For Top Notch Tattooing


The difference between a flat outlined tattoo and a top notch, 3-dimensional piece of skin art lies in the shading skill of the tattoo artist.

A skilled tattooist knows how to use outline and shading to create a life-like work of art on the skin of the client. The best tattoo artists know how to choose the correct tools for the job, including a tattoo machine and the right needles and ink.

They are able to find the perfect design for each client and position it perfectly on the body.

Finally, they know how to use the tattoo machine like an artist uses a paintbrush to create a work of art.

The best way to learn the fine art of tattoo shading is from a seasoned professional tattoo artist. As an apprentice to an experienced tattooist, you'll be given tattoo tips that will help you gain the skills to create a 3-dimensional tattoo image that seems to come alive on the skin.

Here are 4 tattoo tips for beginners who want to learn the secrets of top notch realistic tattooing.

Tattoo Tip # 1 – Choose a design that's suitable for shading.
Some tattoo designs are more suitable than for shading than others. Portraits of people and images of animals, flowers and skulls are good subject for shading, as are fantasy creatures like dragons. The design should have some larger rounded elements that can be filled in with graduated color to create the illusion of depth and shadows. Look through tattoo magazines and study designs that show the effective use of shading. Soon you'll get a feel for which designs can be shaded and which are not suitable.

Tattoo Tip # 2 – Use a tattoo machine.
One of the most important tattoo tips for top notch tattooing is to use a tattoo machine, also referred to as a tattoo gun. A skilled tattoo artist would not dream of attempting to apply a shaded tattoo design without a tattoo machine. The tattoo machine uses a group of needles to automatically inject ink at the correct depth in the skin. The machine is connected to an electric motor that rapidly moves the needles up and down at a rate of 80 to 150 times per second. This rapid needle movement allows a shaded area of ​​a tattoo design to be filled with ink quickly and evenly.

Tattoo Tip # 3 – Mix the tattoo ink.
Shading Tattoo the uses ink in shades from light to by dark. Lighter shades of ink, often referred to as a wash, can be created by mixing ink and sterile water. The more water that you add, the lighter the wash. One of the more useful tattoo tips for shading from tattoo artists is to create washes ahead of time in the exact shades that will be required for a shaded tattoo. This eliminates the need for stopping and mixing ink while the tattoo is being applied.

Tattoo Tip # 4 – Use the tattoo gun like a paintbrush.
A group of needles called shaders is used to fill in the outlined tattoo design with shading. Shader needles come in many shapes and groupings. Knowing when to use each type of shader is one of the more valuable tattoo tips to be learned in an apprenticeship.

Realistic tattoo shading is created by tilting the needles on the tattoo skin and using the tattoo gun like a paintbrush.

Most tattooists first cover the skin with a thin layer of lubricant to ease the needles smoothly across the area being shaded. For dark shading, the tattoo gun is moved slowly across the skin and the ink is injected deeply. For lighter areas, the gun is move quickly and ink is injected less deeply.

As soon as a small area of ​​the design has been injected with ink for shading, the tattoo artist wipes off the excess ink with a clean cloth. The finished effect can then be viewed and the tattoo artist can decide if more ink is needed.

If a darker effect is wanted, more ink is applied. Making a dark area lighter is more of a problem, since the dark ink has been permanently injected into the skin. This is why a skilled tattoo artist works carefully to make sure no area of ​​shading is too dark. Some tattoo artists use white ink to lighten dark areas of a tattoo and to smooth out transitions between different shades of ink.


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Tattoo Healing Problems


There are only a few possible healing problems associated with tattooing. The first obvious one is infection. Tattoos can be red or irritated, but infection is a green or brown discharge. Infections do not come out from shops, usually the client has gotten into something they should not have or just not taken care of the tattoo. If you see a tattoo get infected, you should ask what the client is using for the care. Rubbing alcohol and peroxide will only make the infection worse. Rubbing alcohol will dry the skin out causing it to heal harder and peroxide will eat away the infection and the new skin growing back.

The worst thing you can do on an infected tattoo is any kind of salve. The salve or ointment will seal in the infection and cause it to get much worse. You instead, need to dry out the infection. The best thing you can tell your client is to only wash the tattoo two or three times ad day for two days. If the infection gets better, then keep it up till the tattoo heals completely. If the infection stays the same or gets worse, then you need to tell them to go to the hospital where they will flush the wound and put them on antibiotics.

Never diagnose an infection over the phone. Tell your client that they must come in, for you to see the tattoo first hand. If it is already progressed then you need to tell them to visit their doctor. Most of the time it will just be red or sore to the touch and people just assume its infected. Everyone loves to panic.

Allergic reactions are common at the tattoo field. If someone has an allergic reaction to a tattoo then best bet is that it will not be the pigment. Again, find out what they are using for aftercare. Most of the time, the culprit will be lotion with perfume in it or made for tattoo aftercare. Symptoms of allergic reaction are small red bumps around the tattoo, the surrounding area of ​​the tattoo can be red in color, the tattoo will be more painful than usual, and sometimes you will see a clear or white discharge.

The best thing you can do is tell them to discontinue the aftercare they are using and wash the tattoo in antibacterial soap to kill the bacteria so it does not turn to infection. If it progresses into infection then follow the instructions above. Do not tattoo on diabetics unless you know them personally. Diabetics are more open to infection due to the lack of circulation associated with the condition. This means the tattoo will heal much slower on top of being higher risk for infection. Remember that the over all health of your client is infinitely more important than the outcome of the work. You can always touch up a tattoo after it heals. Do not take any risks.


Source by Alexandra T

Ancient Greek Tattoos


Are you looking for a great Greek Tattoo? One of the best ways to get an awesome design is to do some research on your own and learning a little about the ancient Greek tattoos is a great way to start.

Ancient Greek tattoos, or "stigmata" as they were called back then, were used in many different forms. They were originally used as a way to mark someone as "belonging" to a particular group or segment of society. For example, they were frequently used as a punishment for criminals. This was a way to inflict pain and mark them as criminals so the rest of the population would be able to identify them.

People were tattooed with a distinct design if they belonged to a certain religious sect. Others marked their slaves with unique designs, a branding used as a form of ownership. Ancient Greek tattoos were also used as a form of communication amongst spies, a way to show their rank and their roll in the organization.

Tattoos gradually became more of a form of self-expression. Early designs included the Greek cross, a cross with four equal arms that eventually became the "+" sign in mathematics. The architectural design border of the Greek key became popular and were used as wristbands, armbands, and ankle bands. This design is now commonly known as a sign of the circle of life.

A fun form of tattooing was an expression of phrases using their alphabet symbols. A popular phrase still used today is "Pistis, elpis, agape" which means "Faith, hope, love". One of the most spectacular and extravagant forms of expression was the use of the gods, goddesses, and stories of Greek Mythology. Still ever popular, Greek mythology designs make the most stunning tattoos around.

Ancient Greek Tattoos are still widely used in today's designs. Finding the right Greek tattoo specific to you and your personality can take a little work on your behalf.


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Should I Choose a Solo Wedding Singer or Live Wedding Band?


There are many factors which come into play when choosing live entertainment for your wedding, and the task is rarely as simple as picking out a style of music that you like and a singer that will perform for you within budget.

One question that many people pose is whether or not it is worth hiring a solo wedding singer or a full live band to give a performance at their celebrations. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, so are some of the factors that you should take into account when making your decision.

Firstly, it is important to note that there is one significant difference between the two, and that is cost, which can be a significant factor for many people. Hiring one solo wedding singer to perform is a lot different from hiring several musicians to attend your event, and you will find that you are, as a result, paying for four or five people instead of just one.

This understandably can add a great amount to the total price, although it is worth noting that many bands offer some great packages for affordable prices, so if you have your heart set on hiring a full band, this option does not necessarily have to break the bank.

By comparison, a solo wedding singer will often by backed up by high quality backing tracks. This can be a great option for those who want the excitement and fun of a live performance but without the added expense of hiring a group of musicians. Many wedding singers offer excellent quality backing tracks and sound systems so the effect is very professional and a band will not be missed.

There is another advantage to hiring just the one performer instead of a trio or a quartet: space. There is no doubt that a live band will need more space that just a single individual, meaning that those holding their wedding reception in a smaller venue could find themselves running into logistical difficulties.

Bear in mind that a live band will need extra space for their expanded sound system compared with a single singer, and that your audience will need plenty of room for dancing too. If you have space and budget to play with however, hiring a live band to give the performance may very well be worth it.

Of course, there are certain advantages to requesting a band to play at your wedding, and this remains a popular option with many for the musical entertainment for their big day. One of these is that an entire band can make for a much more grandiose and unforgettable experience than a single singer.

There is a huge range of different styles of bands which are popular at weddings, including rat pack style singers and their groups, classical music trios and quartets, big bands, funk and soul bands, and many more. All of these can provide an evening's worth of spectacular entertainment and create some great memories for your guests.

There is also the distinct advantage that a larger band can have a much more substantial presence in a larger venue, contrary to a solo wedding singer. If you are hosting a large wedding reception with a very large number of guests, providing a group of entertainers may very well be more fitting of the occasion.

It is worth noting that your solo wedding singer of choice may very well come complete with a backing band on request. If you do prefer just one singer with live musical accompaniment, this could be a great option for you.

Otherwise, choosing your entertainment based on your budget, the number of guests and the size of the venue where you are hosting your wedding celebrations are all factors to take into account when choosing between hiring an individual singer or a band to play at your very special occasion.


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Yin Yang Tattoos and What They Stand For


Yin Yang tattoos are becoming increasingly popular these days. You see them everywhere. What do they stand for, and how do you choose the right one for you? The Yin Yang symbol is called Taijitu. The black side is the Yin, and the white side is the Yang. Yin and Yang are opposites, as are everything else. All things have an opposite. But nothing is completely opposite, because it has a small amount of the other form somewhere inside. Hence the small circles in the design.

Another thing special about Yin and Yang, is one can not survive without the other. As it is with life. There is no day without night, and there can be no light without darkness. Traditional Yin Yang tattoos are a circle, with two pieces fitting together like puzzles pieces. The two pieces are typically black and white, with a smaller circle of the colors, in opposing pieces. Positioning of the Yin Yang is dependent on the person getting the tattoo. Some people choose to have the white, or lighter side on top. This is because in scientific terms, the light is energy, or heat, and heat rises. These tattoos are representative of so much spirituality.

It is the balance of life. Where there is one, you will find the other. Feminine and masculine, up or down, light or dark. There is a constant need for one, so the other can exist. Some people believe that the Yin, or the dark half, represents female. The light half, or Yang, represents male. Either depiction has pretty much the same meaning. Opposites, and their attraction. So pick which one suits your particular emotion, and go with it.

When deciding on a Yin Yang tattoo, be aware that what you think is cool now, may not seem quite as cool in twenty years. That is why a Yin Yang tattoo is a great choice. Let it tell a story about you, or your life experiences. All tattoos should be placed because the person getting it has a meaning for it, not just because it's the trendy thing to have. The Yin Yang tattoo does not, however, have to be black and white. That is just the traditional colors. Some people choose to have complimenting colors instead. Yellow and orange are a popular choice, and go well with flames that are sometimes surrounding it. More feminine choices are pink and purple, or even pink and blue.

The choice is yours, so go wild. As long as there is one light side and one darker side, then it pretty much stays the same, just a little more personalized. One can not stress enough the importance of being sure you will be happy with your Yin Yang tattoo.


Source by Sandra Maria Stammberger

Top Reasons Why Teens Have Tattoos


For those who are not fans of tattoos, they sometimes wonder what motivates others, especially the teens to have these body drawings. We often result tattoos to rebellious and negative actions, but that is not always the case. Here are some reasons why they engage in that form of body art:

  1. Their compulsive behavior to feelings of love and revulsion, and strong admiration to anything (person, place, celebrities of all sorts, organizations, etc) motivate them to have those indelible marks. They opt to keep the memory alive by making their bodies canvasses for the ensigns or logos, names, and other representations.
  2. Teenagers are also noted to possess intense artistic desires. Not withstanding the pain factor behind the process, they are willed to have piercing and tattoo just to express these desires. Even in the choice of sports, as a form of art, teenagers are not thoughtful about body injuries such as the case of skateboarding, roller skating, biking, and other similar death defying sports. They are more into the satisfaction and expression of their desires than any following any norm.
  3. The younger generation is easily influenced by media. Advertisements of what's cool and hip catch their attention and soon they already have the latest garments, gadgets, hobbies, and other trendy stuff. Since tattoos are considered an IN thing nowadays, teenagers are egged on to have one themselves. To complement their interests they now pick the designs of their choice. They feel that they are fashionable and updated with the current trend in their generation.
  4. Along with the media influence, peer pressure also plays a part as to why teens have tattoos. Having those make them feel that they belong to their age group. Sometimes a group of girlfriends will have the same design to signify their 'friendship'.

This permanent inking may not be good for the parents or other adults but one way to show understanding and support to teenagers is to simply accept their unique interests. With proper guidance, all their actions will be done responsibly and at the same time they are not left out compared to their peers.


Source by Jamie T. Harvey