Great Outdoor Games Versus Video Games – The Great Debate


Many members of the older generation happily recall the days when back yard games – played outside — were the recreational activities of choice. Technological advancements have evolved into the overarching popularity of tech games. Today's generation wants, even demands, fasted paced entertainment with more techno-enhancements than ever. Top of the demand list? More interactive games.

Great outdoor games are the basis of interactive recreation. Really? Interactive techno video games versus classic lawn games? The great debate is on! Here's out totally unbiased comparison of the two 'platforms.'

Back Yard Games- Back to Basics

You can not have a debate on great outdoor games versus high tech without looking to where it all began. Before the Xbox, Playstation, or even Nintendo were even invented, people played the back yard games for recreation and entertainment. They were (and still are) used as a social 'glue' to bring people together for a common goal. Whether it's Bocce Ball, Badminton, Croquet or Tetherball, there is a classic back yard game for everyone.

There are even a wide variety of back yard activities geared entirely focused on kids. No matter who you are, the entertainment options for the great outdoors are a fun and very social experience.

Tech Entertainment – The Latest and Greatest?

The newcomer in the back yard games versus video games debate is, obviously, the video game. Video fans 'live for' the interaction they can experience while they are playing solo.

There is a smorgasbord of games and techno-complexities and platforms to choose from. Just like great outdoor games, there is something for everybody. From ninja combat to fantasy sports to racing games to cooking competitions, in this area, there is something for everyone as well.

Some tech gamers argue that, undeniably, sheer volume of popular play requires that video games should win the classic lawn games versus high tech games debate, hands down. Not so fast.

While video games are extremely huge, they just are not, can never or ever will be as social and human connectedness driven as classic lawn games. Talking through a virtual network through a headset is never going to be the same as direct eye to eye contact and human interaction with friends and family. Never, ever.

The Verdict

Of course, the bottom line in this debate as far as we're concerned is that the object is to have fun. Fun is personal preference which can change from time to time.

Here's an idea: maybe you do not have to choose between the two. You can have both. With friends, family and co-operative weather, do not overlook the value and importance of classic lawn games. Save the video games for the bad weather.

When it some to the great outdoor games versus video games debate, the answer is' everything in its time and place, moderation and there is room for both. They really do serve different purposes; they offer different ways of having fun. And fun is always a good thing.


Source by Andrea McCall

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