Ideas That Will Transform Your Communion Party Into A Spectacular Event


Your child 'first communion is the most important occasion of their life, one that should be joyously celebrated with friends and family. Though the time you spend at the church will be attended by close family members, at the party you would be inviting extended family members and close friends. What kind of party ideas will make the time enjoyable for everyone? The first thing to do is look into communion party supplies as they are specifically designed for such occasions.

What First Holy Communion Party Ideas Are A Must To Make The Event Joyous And Memorable?

Communion party supplies are available separately for boys and girls. Items for boys are blue in color and those for girls are pink. Let's first start with tableware. Food is an important part of the occasion and since it's the first communion, you are going to bring out the most delicious items to please everyone attending but how are you going to serve it. You need communion party tableware, which is available in many varieties with lovely themes printed on them. What you would require are dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, napkins, table covers spoons and swirl bowls. It's best to opt for the disposable types as they make the cleaning up process easy.

The next thing to check out is communion decorations. You would certainly need communion themed cut outs. These are available in gorgeous designs, so you can select what's most suitable for your party in terms of size and theme. Hanging swirl decorations, garlands paper fans, paper lanterns are some other items that well serve to enhance the beauty of the venue.

Party favors are an important part of the first communion event. Look into items such as key chains, bags, cake boxes, chocolates, mirrors, rosaries, mugs, candles and keepsake boxes. These are items that will please your guests and are sure to be a lovely token of the time spent with you and your family. They can be personalized according to your needs.

What Can You Do To Entertain Kids?

There are loads of communion entertainment ideas that will make the time spent enjoyable and fun. Having a clown over to entertain the kids will make them laugh. Other such entertainment options include having a magician come up and display tricks including pulling a rabbit out of the hat, twisting balloons, playing board games, bubble show, limbo, freeze dancing and much more.

Music forms an important part of the occasion, so pick up music that is suitable for this occasion to highlight the mood of the party. You can combine music with laser light shows to make the party spectacular. Some people hire DJs for the party which makes it livelier as someone is playing music in front of the guests. Pinata competitions and nail art are other forms of entertainment that will keep everyone engaged and having a fun time.


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How to Become a 3D Rendering Professional in Diverse Industries


One of the most sought after skills nowadays is 3D rendering. From construction to entertainment, 3D rendering skills are greatly valued. With the manifestation of the benefits of using this tool in various industries, it Is easy to understand why a lot of people are interested to learn 3D rendering. But how does one become a 3D rendering professional?

There is no degree offering purely 3D rendering, but there are vocational schools for it and there are seminars, too. 3D rendering skills must also be matched with other skills in order to make money from it. This article will provide a quick overview of what a person needs to learn in order to become a 3D renderer.

Graphic Design

Graphic artists will always be in demand because people will always look for beauty and order in things. They always want to be amazed visually and stunned by beauty.Those who want to be a 3D graphic designer may want to consider taking up graphic design or visual arts in college to hone their design skills. After all, what good are a person's 3D rendering skills if the graphics he or she creates are not visually appealing?

Field to study: Fine Arts, Design


Human beings will always build structures because that's how civilization grows. When it comes to building designs, architects are kings. Architects have a skill that's important to a 3D renderer: drafting. Technical drawing, or the ability to make and interpret plans is a useful skill for any 3D rendering professional. 3D rendering companies the Most like the Power Rendering a require this skill from hwy Employees. Architects accept 3D architectural rendering jobs during their free time or they choose to do them full-time, that's how lucrative they are.

Fields to study: Architecture, Engineering

Gadgets Designers

Not a lot of people know this, but the phones and other gadgets they use every day are designed using 3D rendering. This is how companies manage to make phones and computers smaller and smaller. To work in this field, a person must have knowledge in electronics. Studying even just a two-year electronics course before jumping into the 3D rendering is the way to go if a person wants a career in this field.

Field to study: Electronics

3D rendering skills can bring in a lot of employment opportunities for a person. However, they must have some background knowledge of the field where they will use their rendering skills. For example, it's difficult to be a 3D architectural renderer if he does not have knowledge in architecture. 3D rendering is a technology that supports many industries and those who are good at it will make a lot of money.


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Jamaica Gay Bars


Jamaica is one of the most popular vacation destinations, however when looking for Jamaica gay bars they will not be as readily found as in many other countries. There are bars and clubs that can be found and are frequented by locals however they're not widely publicized.

The bars and clubs that can be found are the Acrpolis Disco, which is located in Ocho Rios and patrons will find dancing with DJs and other live entertainment in a trendy atmosphere. There is the amnesia nightclub also located in this town with music, dancing, and light shows in an atmosphere with a friendly staff and a fun night out.

When visiting Kingston, Chasers Café serves meals during the day and the compressed menu in the evening along with seating in the garden and live entertainment. The islands Black Pearl Nightclub has live entertainment, dancing and other special events, this Jamaica, gay bar is located in Montego Bay.

Montego Bay Club and Resort has two bars, one that can be reached on the beach for a drink while watching the ocean. The second bar is a place to spend a fun evening of conversation and some live entertainment.

There many other Jamaican gay bars that the locals frequent, which have reggae music and Jamaican rum. These can be found one in Jamaica talking to the locals and along with their outdoor patios where they often have other entertainment.

There are other clubs and bars that while not advertising for the gay community, is a quite accepting and friendly environment for having a fun evening out, with music, live entertainment, drink specials and other events.


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The Written Agreement Amongst Band Members


As a music lawyer and entertainment attorney, I have seen references to the above-mentioned "Written Agreement Amongst Band Members" document, as both "Inter-Band Agreement", and "Intra-Band Agreement". Rather than initiate any argument with grammarians, bands, groups, record labels, or other music lawyers or entertainment attorneys as to which term is correct – although "intra" is probably technically closer to the mark – let's simply call this all-important document the "Agreement Amongst Band Members"; or, "AABM", for short. (As for the grammarians who want to debate the use of "amongst" versus "among", well … you can discuss this amongst yourselves!)

Now, on to the issues of interest to musicians, groups, and bands who might be reading this article, and of interest to this New York music lawyer and entertainment attorney who is writing it.

"If one is a musician playing in a multi-member band or group, is an AABM needed?"

Quoth the music lawyer: "Absolutely, yes".

"Should the band or group consider closing the AABM, prior to seeking to place the band's demo CD recording with A & R (artists and repertoire) executives at record labels?"

Again, to quote the entertainment attorney: "Absolutely, yes".

There are some parallels to an agreement amongst band or group members, on the one hand, and a pre-nuptial agreement between prospective spouses, on the other hand. Music lawyers, and Dom Rel (domestic relations) lawyers as we were taught to call them in New York, might have more common ground than they would initially think. But I actually find the case for having an AABM for band members or group members more compelling than the argument for having a pre-nup. A marriage should be a function of love. A band or group formation, on the other hand, and even the recording and distribution to record label A & R executives of a demo recording, from the music lawyer and entertainment attorney perspective, is often a commercial exercise – with perhaps some attendant art and love themes to it playing in the background. The shopping of one's band's demo CD to A & R executives at record labels is a commercial exercise and a business proposition. Group business initiatives should not be made absent prior clear written agreement between co-venturers.

Written agreements should be considered required for any collaborative commercial endeavor between two or more people, including demo-shopping and A & R inquiries to record labels – from the music lawyer's perspective regarding bands and groups, from the entertainment attorney's perspective regarding other artistic co-ventures, or from any lawyer's perspective. One should use one's discretion as to whether or not to skip the pre-nup. After all, the prospective spouse could get insulted, if he or she originally thought the other spouse was in it for love only. But from the music lawyer and entertainment attorney perspective, no band member should skip the AABM if the group member takes his or her band, group, or career seriously, or takes the A & R demo-shopping campaign to record labels seriously. And from the music lawyer and entertainment attorney perspective, no one band or group member should ask another to leap into a state of blind trust, in default of a good operative document – with respect to a record label A & R demo-shopping campaign, the signing of a contract, or otherwise.

If the band or group formation is not viewed as a commercial exercise, then I suppose the band members can simply agree on a handshake, and then gig for free in the subways. The band or group could also in theory strike a handshake deal as to who gets paid what in the event of an A & R record label demo-shopping success. However, as an entertainment attorney practicing in New York, the majority of bands or groups that I hear from, are concerned about their financial, as well as their artistic, futures. And the handshake deal between band or group members regarding performances or A & R record label demo-shopping may well what keeps legions of music lawyer and entertainment attorney litigators in business, arguing between themselves about things that have gone south.

Many musicians in bands and groups are trying to find a way to become economically self-sufficient on music alone, through A & R demo-shopping submissions to record labels or otherwise, while preparing to quit their "day jobs". This result is not easy to achieve. And, this result is even harder to achieve without careful prior planning and drafting regarding the band or group as a commercial venture, through use of a music attorney or entertainment lawyer. An AABM is one music lawyer planning-tool which is essential for the band – and one which can also become virtually worthless if "left to a later day". If the demo-shopping A & R record label response comes in as hoped, the group or band may be too busy and distracted dealing with Sony and Warner and the music lawyers, than to deal with each other at that point. And, as in the case of the pre-nup, later on down the road if things do not work out, band or group members typically will not sign post-honeymoon after the relationship has gone sour. Most music lawyer entertainment attorneys have seen numerous bands and groups break up. The time for the AABM is now not later.

No music lawyer, entertainment attorney, or anyone else wants to be required to negotiate and close the AABM once the band or group is already successful, or once the band or group has already been furnished with a proposed recording agreement as a result of demo- shopping or other A & R or record label project placement initiatives. The optimal time to close the AABM is to do so between the respective music lawyer or entertainment attorney counsel while the group or band is just being formed or while it is still struggling – and prior to the record label A & R work and demo-shopping. Period.

When business partners or stockholders agree amongst themselves in connection with a business formation, they do so in one or more signed writings. So, too, the music lawyer or entertainment attorney suggests, should it be with band and group members as well. A good AABM should be firm enough to recite the substance of the agreement between band or group members at the moment, but should also be flexible enough to contemplate future changes, such as changes in personnel and in artistic direction. A good AABM should provide guidance on the administration of the A & R record label demo-shopping initiative itself. Once in place with signatures and countersignatures, a music lawyer or entertainment attorney upon client instruction can amend the AABM to contour to the band's or group's developmental changes as they might materialize, including edits in response to record label A & R demo-shopping eventualities.

If every marriage were a true 50/50 proposition, I suppose that one could say that no pre-nuptial agreements would ever be needed. Similarly, if every business partnership were truly 50/50, maybe a written partnership agreement could be viewed by some as a waste of time. But the fact of the matter is, the percentages of investment and return are seldom exactly identical amongst all co-venturers. A music lawyer or entertainment attorney will opine that the same is true for bands and groups. Seldom, for example, does each band or group member bear an equal burden with respect to record label A & R project placement and demo-shopping work. And seldom, for example, do each of four band or group members actually write precisely 25% of each song, and even if so, how would you measure it and prove it? Word-count? Note-count? Beat-count?

In the average four-person band or group, each member may play a different instrument. Some may have been in the group or band longer than others. Some may be older and more experienced in the business of music. Some may have more experience with A & R executives, demo-shopping, and dealing with the record labels. Some may have, or think they have, "connections" to clubs and record labels, where other group or band members do not. Some group or band members may have more free time to invest in the running of the band's business such as the A & R and record label demo-shopping work, while others may be working two day jobs. Some group or band members may be able to afford to pay for the demo CD's intended to be furnished to the A & R personnel and record labels. Others may not. Some group or band members may want to talk to a record label or music lawyer or entertainment attorney. Others may not.

And finally, perhaps most importantly, some band members may have more of a hand in the writing of the words or the music of the group's original songs appearing on the demo CD's intended to be heard by the record label A & R executives, than other band members . This potential disparity is probably the best reason for creating the AABM for the band or group as early as possible and prior to the demo-shopping record label A & R campaign, as a music lawyer or entertainment attorney will tell you.

A good AABM drafted by a music and entertainment attorney takes into account all of these types of factors, and more. Put conversely, if none of these band-related questions came up while one was putting together one's AABM with one's music lawyer or entertainment attorney, then the resulting document is probably not worth very much today for the purposes of keeping the group harmoniously together. An AABM is a forward-looking document wherein the music lawyer-draftsperson continually asks "What if …?" about multiple foreseeable band and group scenarios based upon past entertainment law experience, including the potential outcomes of an A & R record label demo-shopping submission campaign.

A music lawyer and entertainment attorney like myself will also tell you that the real value of a contract – any contract, including the AABM – is as a dispute-resolution and dispute-avoidance tool. In other words, the band or group members should tackle the likely-occurring and even possibly-occurring long-range events that might come up in the band's lifetime, fight over and resolve them now, and then put the results on paper – with respect to the A & R record label demo-shopping submission campaign, and otherwise. Better to do it now, than pay music lawyer entertainment attorney litigators thousands upon thousands of dollars to do it in the courts or arbitration hearing rooms later, at dramatic expense to the band or group or its individual members.

Oftentimes, the music lawyer or entertainment attorney discovers, band or group members want to send out their demo's to record label A & R executives but just "do not want to think about" what would happen, for example, if the band's bass player departs to raise kids in Maui, or if the group's singer-songwriter front-man just up and leaves to join the Air Force. But if the other band or group members at all value their investment of time, sweat, energy, and money in the band including the demo-shopping record label A & R exercise, then they should know and have fully thought-through – in advance – the answers to these types of questions.

The music lawyer or entertainment attorney should be told these answers for the purposes of the drafting of the AABM. Who in the band or group owns and administrates the copyrights in the songs? Who in the band or group is responsible for storing the masters? Who in the band or group decides which A & R executives and record labels to contact during the demo-shopping exercise, and when? Who in the band or group decides what the demo intended for record label A & R personnel should sound like? Look like? Which band member or band members has / have final say in the hiring and firing of a manager? If the group breaks up, which member or members, if any, may keep using the band's name, and who if anyone benefits from the past demo-shopping A & R record label inquiries if they happen to come to fruition after the break-up? And these are just some of the questions that should come up. There are many more, and part of the job and function of the music lawyer and entertainment lawyer is to come up with them in the first instance by way of prediction.

Every band's situation is different, every group is different, and every record label A & R demo-shopping campaign is different. The lists of questions to contemplate and discuss with the music lawyer or entertainment attorney will therefore be as different as there are different band personalities, different group members, and different demo's. It is true that the band should be better off, if a music lawyer or entertainment attorney prepares the AABM and then handles the A & R record label demo-shopping work. In a perfect world, all band or group members would be separately represented by a different music lawyer or entertainment attorney, and the resulting AABM document would therefore have more presumptive fairness than if but one band or group member had counsel. It is also true that while anyone can in theory try to submit a demo or soundtrack reel to a record label or elsewhere – a non-lawyer lay-person can not practice music law, entertainment law, or any law or form of law for that matter , without a license in the United States.

But should all these considerations prevent a band or group from taking their first shot at creating a good AABM – particularly prior to the first demo-shopping A & R campaign initiated to record labels? Absolutely not. The band should at least try to resolve amongst its own members, the answers to all of the "what if" questions that will likely come up in the life-cycle of any band. The band or group can try to resolve these questions on paper. Thereafter when affordable, one of the band or group members may decide to consult with a music lawyer or entertainment attorney to review and revise the band's starting-point document – and perhaps then enlist the same music attorney for the demo-shopping record label A & R inquiries as well. Typically, this inquiring group-member turns out in practice to be the band member with the most at stake in the outcome.

Conversely, the band members need to be aware that one entertainment attorney may well not be able or be allowed to represent all group members simultaneously, even in the context of demo-shopping record label A & R work, due to concerns regarding possible conflicts of interest – especially if different band members have different percentage investments at stake in the band's commercial endeavors, but even if otherwise. The music lawyer entertainment attorney should speak to that issue as and when it comes up.

There should be plenty of time in the future for the band or group to consider the technicalities regarding rules of attorney-client music lawyer representation, and the question of "who represents who?", Although it is wise to tackle and conclude these analyses prior to any record label demo-shopping and A & R work being undertaken. And when the time for entertainment lawyer representation is right, these are serious threshold questions that should be taken seriously. Besides, no music lawyer, entertainment attorney, or other lawyer would take on a client for record label A & R demo-shopping work or other work, without first carefully evaluating these types of issues, as well as asking a lot of additional questions about band and group inter-relationships himself or herself on his or her own.

In the meantime, all bands and groups, whether on the cusp of their first demo-shopping or record label A & R campaign, or otherwise, should carefully deliberate upon the question of what written agreement should be drafted and negotiated amongst the band or group members, and how and when the music lawyer or entertainment attorney can be used to put the signed and countersigned document in place. Doing so now, in the present tense, could save a lot of heartache and expense down the road in the future, could enhance the demo-shopping A & R campaign to record labels, and could actually end up keeping the band or group together.

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Discover Why Product Placement Is Important To Companies Today!


Today, marketing experts believe that a company has to make use of new communication channels to survive and stay ahead of the competition. This is why most companies are now leaning towards product placement or branded entertainment as new way to communicate with consumers. Through this channel, the retention rates will increase even in this fast paced society as more people will see and remember the mass media advertisements. Read on to find out why product placement is now an important marketing tool for companies.

What is Product Placement?

Products placements and branded entertainment can be described as subliminal communication channels. Subliminal in this case means that, companies are using advertisements in subtle ways in movies or television shows today to sell ideas, services and products. In fact some of these messages are really hard to miss, especially since they are featured heavily in the most popular television shows and films.

When products are placed in the most popular movies and shows, more people will associate with particular brands and ultimately this will help those companies to benefit from increase revenues.

Why Companies Are Using Product Placement?

Since traditional marketing has proven to be the less feasible approach to take when promoting ideas and brands these days, increasingly more marketers are making use of branded entertainment strategies. Be it films or television shows, branded entertainment is far more effective when it comes to reaching a mass audience or even as part of customized campaigns to target specific audiences. Even though some critics believe that this type of marketing blur the lines between media content and reality, there is no doubt that these advertisements are thriving both in the non-paid and paid forms. Of course, all the companies would want to take advantage of this medium to increase revenue.

To the reports According, branded entertainment and product placement are On being of used Extensively in fast emerging marketplaces color : such color : as China and India. It is said that India is in the top five of the overall rankings worldwide for product placements initiatives and they are predicted to become stronger in the coming years to match up with the companies in the USA. Bollywood is partly responsible for this phenomenal development as they have accepted branded entertainment efforts and are even joining forces with top brands such as Sony and Reebok.

Generally speaking, although the marketers are placing products subtly in advertisements, the ultimate goal is definitely to create a perception amongst viewers to help increase the company's bottom line. This is why product placement and branded entertainment is now the preferred choice to improve brand awareness. This marketing strategy is worth considering if you are looking for a way to stand out and achieve success in this competitive market.


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What is a Smerfe Sales Manager?


What is the definition of a SMERFE sales manager?

Well to understand what a SMERFE sales manager is we must first know what the letters stand for.

S = Social

M = Military

E = Education

R = Religious

F = Fraternal

E = Entertainment

Some basic examples of SMERFE Clientele that I would categorize are:

Social – Family Reunions, Wedding Groups, Traveling Sports Teams, Funerals

Military – Reunions, Programs, FEMA, Government

Education – Events, Conventions, non profit, seminars, student tour and travel

Religious – Conventions, Meetings, prayer groups

Fraternal – Schools, Colleges, Universities, Fraternities

Entertainment – Entertainment Groups, Tour & Travel

SMERFE Sales Managers need Personality.

A SMERFE Sales Manager must be friendly, caring and dramatic. They are creative, fun and get along with everybody. They must be very patient and more forgiving than any other position. They are much different from a Corporate Transient or Corporate Group Sales Manager.

To be a good SMERFE sales manager you have to develop a rapport with your clients. Get to know them, and find out what their needs are now and in the future. Always make them your first priority. Make them feel at home in your hotel.

Set up appointments with other Group Sales Managers, ask to meet with them and ask them to refer you to their inquiries and clients. It does not always work, but if you do not ask, you will never know.

Always introduce yourself as the Group Sales Manager. Ask if it would it be beneficial to both of you to begin a referral program. Who is going to say no? Your titles are the same making you equal in status, and any referrals you ultimately receive can only mean more business for your hotel.

Knowing what being a SMERFE sales manager means is your first step to making your hotel stand out above the rest.


Source by Amber Lee

The Big Six – Top 6 Major Film Studios in the Movie Business


When you watch a movie, whether it be at the cinema or in the comfort of your own home, it's seldom you actually think about where the movie was produced and how each film company secured the rights to the movie you're watching on the screen . The movie business is extremely competitive. The six major film companies discussed below comprise 90 percent of the US and Canadian box office revenue. If you're pondering a career in film, you may want to pay very close attention to the statistics below.

And while there are a few "mini-majors" still turning a profit in the industry (Lions Gate Entertainment and MGM for example), it's fairly difficult for film companies to stay afloat while competing with these highly successful empires.

Below you will find the six major film companies (also known as "The Big Six") and a brief description of each:

1. Warner Bros. Pictures. Comprising a whopping 19.7 percent of the US / Canadian market share (2007 figures), Warner Bros. Pictures is the biggest player in the film industry. Securing the rights to major films like Harry Potter, Superman, Batman, The Matrix and Star Wars have made Warner Bros. the No. 1 name in the business.

2. Paramount Pictures. With 15.5 percent of the US / Canadian market share (2007 figures), Paramount Pictures continues to be one of the most successful film production companies in the world. Star Trek, War of the Worlds, the Mission Impossible series, Transformers and Tropic Thunder are just a few of the popular films produced by Paramount Pictures.

3. Walt Disney. One of the most renowned film production companies in the history of the business, Walt Disney now holds 15.3 percent of the US / Canadian market share (2007 figures). With highly successful movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure, Meet the Robinsons and Enchanted, there's no doubt that Disney will continue to play a key role in the industry for years to come.

4. Columbia Pictures. Comprising 12.9 percent of the US / Canadian market share (2007 figures), Columbia Pictures remains a big player in the business. Some of this company's recent successes include Casino Royale, The Da Vinci Code, the Spider-Man series and Step Brothers.

5. Universal Studios. 12.2 percent of the US / Canadian market share (2007 figures) belongs to Universal Studios, which continues to make millions for the film industry. With major hits like the Bourne series (Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum), The American Pie series, Knocked Up, American Gangster and The Incredible Hulk, it's very clear that Universal Studios knows what it takes to make money in this industry.

6. 20th Century Fox. Also known as "Twentieth Century Fox," this highly successful movie production company makes up 11.9 percent of the US / Canadian market share (2007 figures). Some of the biggest and most successful movies from this empire include the X-Men series, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Star Wars Episodes II and III, and the Fantastic Four.

Once again, if you're looking for a career in the film industry, the six companies listed above are the cream of the crop. If you have the opportunity to work for one of these companies, we would not suggest passing it up.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Home Theater Systems


In moments when we wish to relax and forget all the problems that happened during the day behind us, vacation with your favorite show, sports match or the movie are real enjoyments. Why not to enjoy completely in those short moments of rest? There performance of wireless home theater system as a crown a true vacation and enjoy the great film providing excellent entertainment with high definition video and surround sound.

I can not tell you exactly what the best home theater is for you, anyone who tells you that just wants to take your money and lays you, because the choice is up to you. Only you can evaluate what is best for you surround sound, or the most beautiful high definition picture. I can only refer you in right direction and help you decide to buy a proper home theater.

What is obvious?
It is obvious that the quality wireless home theater is more expensive than classic. Everybody can notice that at first. It is obvious that problems can happen during the transmission of wireless signals because all the houses have appliances that use wireless signals for transmission of information. It is obvious that they will save us trouble because of easy installation. So how do you choose?

Then what to do?
Wireless home theater system is primarily intended for entertainment that is very easy to set in the place which you prefer. There will be no mess with wires, there is no tangling. Indeed it is easy to set up and install. Mainly wireless, anyway you must connect the main supply cable to the home installation so it will take one slot in the wall. Speakers can be placed anywhere in the range of 30 feet.

What will I get with them?
For start you will get great sound effects. It is easy to connect all devices and media and you can enjoy the truly excellent sound. Finally you will be able to get rid of the cables that upset you. There will be few wires around, but much less than with the classic home theater.

So, is there any disadvantage?
Well, to be honest, there is. It is a little more expensive than traditional home cinema. Not completely wireless. Occurs due to occasional disturbances that subwoofer is not working properly, to be heard crackling in the speakers and can interfere with other wireless devices.

If you can live with their disabilities, or if their advantage over classic home theaters are more important for you then you will certainly enjoy your favorite movies to listen to incredible sound effects, your favorite wireless home cinema. There are many models on market today. You may search on internet to find models in your price range and read reviews about them. Also, you may go to local store and hear them for yourself and chose a model that suits you best.


Source by Sipos Pal

How to Become a Singer in Dubai


How to become a singer in Dubai Guide

Dubai is a fantastic location in the Middle East, rich with prosperity and opportunity for new and existing businesses to thrive. Dubai is also a prime location for entertainers and singers to perform and succeed in a full time career in the art to which they love.

But what does it take to become a singer in Dubai and what should you know as an entertainer seeking to break out into the Dubai entertainment industry?

As a professional singer and performer in Dubai, I have put together what I have discovered and learnt throughout my journey and experienced whilst entertaining in the UAE.

Before we start, I would like to point out that I am not just a nobody. I have been a professional singer and entertainer worldwide who has finally settled down in the beautiful city of Dubai. Dubai has some of the most fantastic restaurants, beaches and most importantly entertainment.

Awash with restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and entertainment venues there has never been such a great location for entertainers, bands and singers to achieve they're full potential.

To ensure that you have the best chance of success in the UAE with your singing career then follow these simple steps below:

Create a promotional CD

All entertainment venues and agencies will want to hear your voice before they book you. Creating a CD of 5 to 10 tracks will be enough for them to make an educated decision before signing you up.

Dubai has numerous recording studios located inside and surrounding the city in places such as Deira, Downtown and Abu Dhabi.

Make sure that you have a broad selection of various genres so that you are open to more opportunities and venues.

Get professional photographs

There is nothing worse than being empty handed when an agency or venue requests some professional photographs.

Hire a photographer to take a selection of pictures in hi-resolution to be used in any promotion, web sites and social media.

Get on social media

It is important that you start creating a following as soon as possible. Create fan pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter where people can find you and watch any of your live performances. Allow your fans to share and comment to get maximum outreach.

Be sure to reply to comments and announce any future performance dates. Remember that venues need to be filled to ensure that you keep singing there!

Print some business cards

Another highly embarrassing and unprofessional occasion is when a potential client or venue asks for your business card and you do not have any to hand them.

You will find that business cards are still extremely popular in the UAE. This maybe due to the multicultural population of Dubai and the UAE. A good company that offers affordable business card printing are DESCO.

Having a professional and attractive business card is the quickest way to get your contact details into the right hands and generate some business.

Be sure to have the following information printed on the business cards:

· Make it clear what you are offering

· Your Name

· Contact Numbers

· Email Address

· Website Address

Build a website

I have been asked by countless agencies if I had a website which they can use to direct their clients to. Having an online portfolio is fast becoming the future for many entertainers.

Your website should look professional in it's appearance, be easy to navigate and locate information, have your tracks embedded or linked to and have professional images.

Including any video on your website of live performances is also a powerful advertising tool.

Visit venues

Get dressed up and put your best shoes on! Time to get out there and start visiting venues to drum up some business.

Simply visiting restaurants, bars, golf clubs and nightclubs is a great start. Ask to meet with the entertainment manager at each venue.

It's always wise to call the venue prior to visiting to ensure that the person you need to speak to are present when you plan to visit them.

Register with an agency or entertainment company

This really goes without saying but it is surprising that when I meet other singers who are just starting out, they tell me they have yet to do this.

The benefits of registering with an entertainment agency in Dubai, is that they can find additional work for you in the region. Some of the work maybe one-off and temporary yet it still creates revenue for you. More to the point that you can make more money from one-off gigs than a regular residency gig. (Crazy right?)


Networking in any business venture has always been critical to success. In the entertainment industry of the UAE it is no different. It is very much who you know rather than what you know and I have witnessed some extremely bad entertainers and singers in Dubai making more money than good singers and this is the reason.

Go to open mic nights and networking events for singers and bands in Dubai. These are great places to get your name on the scene and team up with other musicians who share the same passion for music as you.

Sing with a band in Dubai

Some will say that there is nothing better than hearing a live band in Dubai and an exceptional singer together. And I would agree with this. Great bands have serious earning potential in the UAE cities.

To find a band or other musicians can be fairly easy. Add an advertisement at the local supermarkets community board or paying a visit to open mic nights and networking with band members or bands is the way forward.

How much does a professional singer in Dubai earn?

The sky is the limit. Typically a new singer to the Dubai scene can expect 1,500 to 2,000 Dhs per gig however this can jump up depending how good and in demand he or she is.

As always larger venues tend to pay more than smaller venues. Hotels and iconic located venues will be willing to pay more depending on the quality of the performance.

I really hope that the information that I have put together in this guide will help provide you with the right tools to become a successful singer in Dubai. If you would like anymore information on myself then please visit my website below and remember that the voice comes first.


Source by Andrea Leigh

Uses and Advantages of Product Placement


Product placement marketing is becoming extremely popular today because it offers many advantages to all parties involved. Branded entertainment promotions have helped many companies to significantly improve their bottom line, especially when linked to movies with a high success rate. The information below will highlight some of the uses and advantages of product placement.

First, let take a look at exactly what is branded entertainment.

Branded entertainment, sometimes referred to as product placement marketing, is a strategy that is used to infuse branded products into various forms of entertainment. Basically, brands would offer monetary consideration to or pay for producers of films, television shows, web videos, video games and other forms of entertainment to include their products in entertainment presentations.

The emergence of movie product placement strategy has coincided with the diminishing interests in the traditional advertising mediums. Many companies discovered that consumers were not paying attention to traditional advertising media, so product placement was incorporated in their marketing strategy to reach a wider audience. Marketers reinvented their strategies and started to place advertisements in popular movies and television shows to capture consumer's attention.

Uses and Advantages of Product Placement

When marketers started to use branded entertainment strategies, increasingly more companies were seen promoting their products in popular movies and television shows. These advertisements can be seen in popular films such as James Bond featuring Omega watches; Mission Impossible featuring Apple Macs; Men In Black promoting Ray Ban glasses and many popular television shows such as The Apprentice, Top Chef, Project Runaway and American Idol.

As of such, the branded entertainment strategy became a magic potion for marketers. Due to the major success of advertising in movies and TV shows, the marketers move on to the next level and started to use web videos, video games, music videos and other entertainment mediums.

Product placement marketing offers several advantages to manufacturers, producers and movie stars. From the perspective of the marketers, it provided companies with an opportunity to be associated with famous actors and to use movie footage and stills to conveniently advertise other products. As it pertains to the producers and actors, they earned substantial amount in fees as well as the chance to endorse brands in various film festivals.

Musicians also benefit from branded entertainment in their music videos and lyrics. Most artists use the earnings from these deals to offset the overall cost of producing their music videos.

The marketers are also using the Internet to incorporate product placements in songs that music fans would get from YouTube. In this case, the main advantage is that brands would develop higher retention rates in people's minds whenever the artists perform at shows and concerts.

Overall, product placement and branded entertainment strategies have proven to be extremely to Effective color : as more Consumers are On Certain linking products to the names of a spectacular actors and singers. For this strategy to work, the brands must be featured prominently whilst making subtly appearance in movies, television shows, web videos or video games.


Source by Paula Vass