Top 5 Sexiest Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women


Shoulder tattoos when proudly flaunted add a lot of character and interest to a woman's personality. The shoulder is a sexy part of a female's body and it can even be highlighted when inked with interesting and playful display of tattoo art. With this body canvas being huge and flat, there is an ample room for great artistry and creativity to create an amazing tat piece. Here are the top 5 sexiest designs that would absolutely look exquisite on a woman's shoulder.

Women never get tired of butterflies, every female wants to have a piece of this fascinating creature tattooed on their body. Who can blame them? Butterflies with their colorful wings and adventurous life are always admired by women. Their ability to roam free and be beautiful after all the life cycle they went through is a story that the females can always relate to. Butterfly tattoos are usually rendered on the shoulder blades fluttering their wings while looking naturally pretty and amazing.

A woman can never go wrong with flower tattoos on her shoulder. There are a vast array of flowers to choose from but the popular ones still reign-cherry blossoms, rose, lotus, hibiscus and lily. These flowers are mostly favored because of their vivid colors, exquisite petals and symbolical meaning. They might be common but there are tons of ways to make them unique and special; its all up to the creativity of the tattoo artist.

Star tattoos on the shoulder can create a certain spark and add a lot of brightness and interest. Even if stars are very basic and simple, they have their own charismatic appeal but women never seem to get tired of them. They are portrayed either as shooting star tattoos or just merely a cluster of stars grouped together.

Birds are generally friendly natures and they can mean a whole lot of things depending on what kind. Some of the most popular bird tattoos seen on a woman's shoulder blade are swallow, sparrow, dove, phoenix and eagle. They can represent things that are positive such as freedom, independence, peace and loyalty.

Tribal tattoos are fitting on the shoulder because they can be inked to make them look perfectly symmetrical to the shape of this body part. They are characterized by a combination of thick and bold lines, dark black colors and highlighted by some curves and angles to make them look more feminine. Tattoos are originally from the people belonging to tribes during the early times so this design is definitely iconic and representative of its humble beginnings. That is why, tribal tattoos have never lost its appeal even up to now. Some of the most popular kinds of tribal tattoos are Polynesian, Aztec, Samoan and Maori.

So there you go, the top 5 most sought designs for shoulder tattoos for women. There are a multitude of ways to make them creative and unique, its all up to your imagination and personal preference. Good luck on your tattoo journey.


Source by Marga Ann Fox

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