Why Tattoos Fade and What You Can Do About it


The flip side of using permanent pigments is that the best ones are hazardous for human beings. Thus, the industry is left with a few viable alternatives. In most cases, quite light and permanent colors are used on humans. However, this may change. In the case of colors like yellow, purple, orange or magenta, the bleach fighting or the fade resistance capability of these colors may not be high. The colors fade due to the harmful ultraviolet rays of which the most importance source is the sun.

Getting a tattoo imprinted on your body does not mean that you need to hide or stay away from the sun. The excessive exposure in the sunlight may fade tattoos. But the rate of fading of tattoos is the same as our skin suffers from pigmentation when we are exposed to sunlight.

The application of the tattoos also plays an important role. The more experienced the artist, the better is the application of the pigment. This leads to the less fading of the tattoos.

It should also be kept in mind that the new tattoos seem to carry more ink in them. This is due to the presence of ink in both the dermis as well as the epidermis. However, the presence of ink in the epidermis branches out with the skin and consequently the tattoo fades away usually in the first or second year. This can be avoided if a skilled artist takes appropriate amount of time to get the tattoo done in the right way. Therefore, the artist should not be too speedy. We should consider it as a case of pixels in the digitalized photograph. The application of tattoo if done hastily can lead to lesser amount of ink striking into the skin. The tattoo would look nice in the initial years but then starts fading in the subsequent years. It is comparable to putting the printer to a fast mode rather than the best mode. The one which is fast gets faded fast but the other which comes out slowly looks bright and nice and stays the same for a longer period of time. The tattoo looks nice in the initial years because the ink is in the epidermis but slowly it starts fading out as the new skin comes out.

People often complain that their tattoo looks much older which in reality is the opposite. This can happen due to excessive exposure to the sun or negligence during the healing process or it may be the case that the pigment was not applied by the artist in the right manner.

As the skin grows old, the tattoo also becomes aged. This is an important fact that needs to be understood. If you want that the tattoo should always look beautiful and vibrant, then you need to take care of your skin. By doing so, the tattoo will also look fresh and nice.


Source by Neil T Jones

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