Meanings of Common Flower Tattoo Designs You Must Know


Girls mostly prefer pretty flower tattoos. When girls think of getting a tattoo for the first time, the first idea that crosses their mind will always be a flower they like the most. This is how flower tattoos came into being. Recently, many designs in flower tattoos have come up that are eye-catching. But take care in deciding the flower since they do have some meanings.

There are many beautiful flowers such as roses, lotuses, daisies, lilies, orchids, sunflower, jasmine, and so on. Be certain to understand the correct meanings prior to getting one. In general, flowers are regarded as sweet, beautiful and serene. Flowers have always been linked to women. In addition, they may also stand for love, beauty and procreation sometimes.

The following gives a list of flowers and their respective meanings.

Rose Tattoo Designs – Roses have been known to represent love since long ago. It indeed shows true love in its purest form, since though a rose is beautiful outwardly, the thorns it has on its stem can prick and bleed you, indicate that love comes along with vast sacrifices.

Lotus Tattoo Designs – Lotus has been a sacred flower representing purity and spirituality. It is presented to God with pure devotion by people following Hinduism and Buddhism. It is prominent in the Asian culture. Indeed the lotus is the national flower of India.

Jasmine Tattoo Designs – This is similar to rose only in meaning, but very different in reality. In Indian culture, it represents love. Though the flower is not visible, its fragrance spreads everywhere and fills the room with its aroma. It reminds a person of their loved ones even if the lover is not present in the scene.

Orchid Tattoo Designs – It is a symbol of sex and reproduction. Apart from this symbolism, it also means beauty, love and many feminine characteristics.

Lily Tattoo Designs – Its white petals symbolizes innocence and purity. Still in some cultures, it may represent physical love.

Sunflower Tattoo Designs – This represents many meanings. In Indian culture, it is a symbol of our love to the Sun or God. Sometimes it symbolizes the sun in a beautiful manner. Many assume that it is just some aimless love for the sun and represents infatuation. In short, it does not indicate true love.

Just remember this before getting an orchid, lily or sunflower tattoo design, since you may tattoo them assuming the wrong symbolism.


Source by Neil J. Francis

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